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I offer personal training to people of all ages and fitness levels. Maintain your physical and emotional well-being with private sessions at your home, local park, or virtually via zoom. Servicing Fallbrook and surrounding areas!

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Why train with me?

Exercise & Mindfulness

I've always believed that fitness and mental clarity go hand in hand. Mind, Body, Spirit--- all 3 of these areas support one another. The more consistency you develop in your physical life, the more self-confidence you develop in your personal & professional life. 

In my training, we combine physical fitness with mindfulness. I believe that exercise is not just about maintaining physical health, it's also about developing and maintaining inner peace. By gaining self-confidence and learning to trust the body, one learns to ignore the illusory inner voice that plagues oneself with habitual criticism. Our fitness sessions will always feature guided meditation to strengthen the mind-body connection. Through meditation, you'll get to explore not just who you are, but what you are. (There is a difference!)

I spent 5 years as a trainer in Los Angeles and worked with people of all ages and from all walks of life. As a newcomer to Fallbrook, I'm excited to be a part of this community and to offer my experience to those in need. Please reach out to me if you have questions. I look forward to meeting you! 


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Pricing Information

*Price may vary based on location and may be negotiated.

If you can't afford it, contact me and we'll arrange a price that is within your financial capacity. Lack of money does not have to be a barrier to fitness!


30 Minute Workout + Meditation
In-Person or Virtual

Fitness for Seniors:
30 Minute Workout + Meditation
In-Person or Virtual


45 Minute Workout + Meditation
In-Person or Virtual

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